Lubrication Field Challenges

About This Webinar

It is an oft-quoted statistic that 80% of hydraulic failures are lubrication-related and that a quarter of the world’s energy is lost due to friction. Given the importance of lubrication to machine reliability and sustainability, you would be forgiven for believing that lubrication programs would be a top priority for maintenance and reliability teams. 

The reality could not be further from the truth. Practical knowledge of machine lubrication is typically lacking, and the technicians responsible for lubrication programs are commonly the bottom of the organizational “totem pole”.

This fact has major implications for how new technologies are adopted in the field. In this live webinar, Rafe Britton will discuss the state of field maintenance and what that might mean for early-stage research programs.

About The Speaker

Rafe Britton is mainly known within the industry for his YouTube channel (Lubrication Explained) and podcast (Lubrication Experts). He works with mid-size industrial businesses to improve their equipment uptime while reducing the cost of their lubrication program. He serves on the Australian Lubricant Association technical committee to push the lubrication industry forward and the editorial advisory board of Precision Lubrication Magazine.