Workshop: Surface Characterisation (with optical profiler and nanoindenter demo)

Characterisation of surface properties is essential to the fields of tribology and surface engineering. Many properties exist to define the roughness of surfaces and measurement of these properties can be a complex and time-consuming endeavour. Surface mechanical properties are key to defining the tribological interactions, especially on the nanoscale. The composition and chemical interaction of surfaces is additionally an important consideration in engineered tribological surfaces.

Optical profilers allow for fast 3D surface measurement without contacting the surface and can scale from microscopic MEMs to entire engine blocks. Nanoindenters allow for the precise measurement of mechanical properties with respect to depth allowing for the analysis of coatings and thin films. Since 1960, Bruker has produced high-quality scientific instruments, with close collaboration with customers they enable innovation across a range of industries.

After Dr McMaster’s presentation, Vishal Panchal, Application Manager at Bruker will present demo of the Contour GT optical profiler and Jaroslav Lukes of Bruker Nano Surfaces will present the Hysitron TI980 nanoindentation system.


Samuel McMaster completed his PhD in 2020 at the University of Leeds where he investigated the nanomechanical properties of diamond-like carbon coatings to assess tribological performance under the supervision of Prof. Tomasz Liskiewicz, Prof Ben Beake and Prof. Anne Neville. Dr McMaster is currently a Materials Scientist (KTP Associate) at Coventry University and is the Event Manager of Surface Ventures.