Workshop: Coatings – functional performance lab scale testing (with ETS demo)

Energy efficiency and sustainability are the mainstream buzzwords in today’s economy and industry. Technical coatings are definitely one possible solution to improve on either of them. In our talk, we will present a test methodology of how to quantify the energy saving (efficiency) and the wear reduction potential of technical coatings by functional tribology testing on a lab scale.

  • Tribological failure mechanisms of coatings
  • Strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities of technical coating 
  • Quantification methods of functional performance data of coatings using friction and wear measurement

    About the speakers

    Patrick Beau: Graduated engineer of automotive engineering, R&D engineer at MAN bus & truck SE, project manager / R&D expert / materials & surfaces engineering specialist at Volkswagen AG, general manager at Beau Engineering Services

    Gregor Patzer: Graduated engineer of technical physics, previously technical manager at Optimol Instruments, now general manager at Optimol Instruments