Role of automotive research association of India (ARAI) in Indian automotive industry and overview of its materials science projects

Established in 1966, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) is a national R&D institute set up by government and industry. ARAI provides services of R&D, Testing & Evaluation, Certification & Standardization, Education & Training, Technology Development encompassing areas of automotive engineering.

ARAI carries out advanced materials characterization & failure analysis; and has created data bank. Under light-weighting program multiple technology products are developed such as aluminum bus body, lightweight forged components from titanium, aluminium and micro alloyed steel. Work in areas of magnesium product development is in progress. Generated material characterization data is being utilized for computational material modelling in simulation environment. ARAI has developed indigenous active vibration control using smart materials.  

While introducing ARAI, speakers will present two case studies on lightweight structure with focus on high strain rate testing and LiB materials analysis for automotive load case.

About the speakers

Mr. Vijay Pankhawala, Dr. Ajeet Babu, Mr. P S Phale

Deputy Director – The Automotive Research Association of India.

Vijay A Pankhawala, Deputy Director, Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), IIT Kanpur alumni with 30 + years of experience in the areas of Methods Improvement, Experimental Stress Analysis, Digital Image Processing, Research & Development, Testing & Validation, Design of Experiments, Field Data Analysis, Material Characterization, Lab management, Systems implementation, Project Management, Business Development, Strategic Planning, Education & Training, Institutional Relations among others.