Measuring the Behaviour of Brake Materials More Efficiently

Testing friction materials for brake applications using a full-scale dynamometer is an intensive testing method, in terms of both cost and time, that requires that the brake pads and rotor be tested in their final form. Bruker has developed a rapid, cost-effective method to screen materials employed in automotive brake applications. This new technique utilizes small samples of friction materials and tests them under real brake operating conditions. Using the UMT TriboLab HD, it is now possible to test such materials in real time and easily program industry-standard dynamometer protocols and standards, all while monitoring key parameters such as friction, temperature, sliding speed, and vibration. 

In this webinar, we will describe the technique and demonstrate how well it correlates with tests performed on the full-scale dynamometer following the SAE J2522 standard (known as AK Master).

About the speakers

Damien Khoo is a research engineer at Bruker. His work focuses on understanding the physicochemical mechanisms of materials and developing new testing methodologies for material research and characterization. His expertise includes project design and management, data analysis and interpretation, and the development and implementation of scientific instrumentation.