Laser Shock Peening : why laser parameters are important

Laser Shock Peening (LSP) is a cold, mechanical process of metal components, which has been developed in the United States in the seventies of the last century. By producing a deep compressive residual stress into the material, LSP improves fatigue life, increase resistance to stress corrosion and cracking/corrosion of treated component.

In this live event, Dr. Rostohar will:

  • introduce basic principles of LSP, 
  • explain influences of laser parameters and role of sacrificial layer,
  • review status in developing new laser systems for LSP 
  • show some of applications LSP with diode pump solid state Joule level laser system

About The Speakers

Dr. Danijela Rostohar is an assistant professor at Coventry University’s Institute for Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering. Danijela formerly worked in several laboratories, specialising on laser process development and machine prototyping. She was in charge of developing the first European LSP system that used a diode pump +10 J laser system.