Introduction to Surface Engineering (with nano-impact demo)

About This Workshop

Surfaces are complex structures, and their interactions underpin a huge array of technologies. By modifying surfaces, engineering components can be augmented with enhanced properties or new ones not possible with a single bulk material. Surface engineering has a massive impact globally as an enabling technology and with its economic impact. 

High temperature nanomechanics is a active area of research as the pursuit of high temperature hardness and toughness will allow for components to perform in ever more extreme environments. The Micro Materials NanoTest platform is capable of high temperature nanomechanical measurements over a range of different wear and characterisation conditions.

About The Speaker

Samuel McMaster completed his PhD in 2020 at the University of Leeds where he investigated the nanomechanical properties of diamond-like carbon coatings to assess tribological performance under the supervision of Prof. Tomasz Liskiewicz, Prof Ben Beake and Prof. Anne Neville. Dr McMaster is currently a Materials Scientist (KTP Associate) at Coventry University and is the Event Manager of Surface Ventures.