Electrifying tribometry and designing tribotests

In this live event, Dr Mathias Woydt will introduce the principles of conceptual design of tribotest in order to characterize the functional properties of friction, wear and extreme pressure as function of operating conditions (mapping) including the extension to electrical properties of fluids and tribofilms.

About The Speakers

Dr. Mathias Woydt, MATRILUB Materials Tribology Lubrication

Dr. Mathias Woydt studied and received his Ph.D. from the Berlin University of Technology. Currently he is managing partner of MATRILUB, Germany, and vice-president of The German Society for Tribology. He is recipient of the ASTM award of Excellence and is STLE fellow. He has more than 37 years of experience in R&D and in feasibility studies on disruptive technologies, relationships between tribology and defossilization, biolubes, cause-root failure analysis, slip-rolling alloys, fine ceramics, thin film & thermally sprayed coatings, abrasive wear, alternative lubricants and in tribotesting with their dissemination into industrial applications.