Bioinspired Surface Engineering for Tribological Applications

Through millions of years of evolution, biological systems have adapted to extreme conditions. This has resulted in innovative surfaces with functionalities like ultra-strong seashells, wear-resistant reptile skins, and the self-cleaning ability of lotus leaves. With advanced fabrication techniques, we can mimic these surfaces for various applications. In this webinar, Dr. Zou will unveil her group’s research on bioinspired surface engineering with a focus on tribological applications. Join her webinar to: Explore Novel Micro/Nanostructures: Gain insights into the latest discoveries in novel mechanical properties of micro/nanostructures. Understand Fabrication Techniques: Learn about the cutting-edge methods used to create these intricate structures. Gain Insight from In-Situ Tribological Studies: Delve into the real-time analysis techniques used in their tribological studies.

About The Speakers

Dr. Min Zou is a Distinguished Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Arkansas. Her research focuses on nanoscale surface engineering, nanomechanics, and tribology for a wide range of applications. She is a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and a Fellow of the Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers (STLE). She has served as the Chair of ASME Tribology Division Executive Committee and the Chair of the STLE Annual Meeting and Exhibition.